Ora Lift

A natural way to facial rejuvenation

Up until recently, it has been believed that facial ageing is caused by the sagging of our skin over time. However, recent research shows that changes in the density and strength of our bones as we age can also have a significant impact on the look of our face.

Traditionally, surgery has been used to correct and improve the look of sagging skin, but unfortunately these results are only temporary. Now there is another way to help reverse this ageing.

The OraLift facial rejuvenation system available from the Dentalfacelift pioneers, works by flipping the ‘ageing triangle’- identified and widely acknowledged by cosmetic surgeons. The position of this triangle changes as we age- initially starting by pointing towards the chin in childhood and turning around to point upwards (towards the nose) as we age.

Oralift makes use of your body’s natural healing capacity and its amazing ability to adapt to changing circumstances. Your device will look slightly like a mouth guard which will sit over the lower back teeth. By wearing it as directed for just a short time every third day over a few months the resting space between your teeth will be increased-  encouraging your muscles to adapt and re-grow.

How could Ora Lift help me?

Ora Lift can significantly help to improve lines around the mouth and eyes. It can also help to reduce eye bags.

An increase in muscle strength can result in improved fullness in lips, definition in the cheekbones and strengthening of the jawbone.

As the muscle regenerates this can often stimulate blood flow in the skin helping the face to look more radiant and healthy, reducing spots and open pores and even helping to improve the health of your hair!

OraLift- the process:

  • We will assess your mouth with the use of impressions and photographs. We will also check that your teeth and gums are healthy. You will receive your Ora Lift appliance at your first visit.
  • You will need to wear it at home for between 30 minutes to 2 hours every third day for around 4 months.

Results can normally be seen within just a few days. Every patient is different and your requirements will be discussed with you prior to the commencement of treatment.

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