Are you in need of emergency dental treatment?

Are you in pain due to a broken or lost tooth? Have you misplaced a filling? Do you have an ache or unexpected pain and swelling in a tooth?

Whenever you are in need of an emergency dental appointment then you will want to be seen at the earliest opportunity- particularly if you’re in pain or struggling to eat properly.

Please call us as early as possible in the morning in order for us to be able to offer you an emergency appointment.

For out of hours emergencies, please call 111.

Ways to help until you can make your appointment.

Until you can visit us to get the problem sorted there are various ways in which you can help to relieve any pain and restore function to your tooth temporarily so that you can continue your day in comfort.

If you have knocked out an adult tooth then try to re-insert it into the gum. You can hold it in place by biting down on a clean cloth (tea towel, gauze). If you can’t replace the tooth make sure you store it safely in a small container. Don’t let it dry out- keep it moist by covering it with milk, saliva or a sterile solution (not water). Avoid handling the tooth by the roots and NEVER attempt to clean it.

Provided the above instructions are followed it is often possible to successfully re-insert a missing tooth.

If the tooth is broken but hasn’t fallen out completely gather up all the pieces and store them (as above). Rinse your mouth out with warm water to remove any small pieces. Take a painkiller if necessary.

If you have lost a filling you can temporarily cover it with a small piece of sugar free chewing gum pushed into the cavity. Be careful not to eat on this tooth!  Likewise, temporarily re-attach a lost crown with chewed gum (provided it hasn’t broken).

Please note: all of the above suggestions are temporary measures. It is important to visit us at the earliest opportunity for the necessary dental work to ensure that further complications don’t occur.

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