Wrinkle Reducing Injections

Wrinkle reducing injections are a cosmetic aesthetic medicine which has become very popular in recent years. It is now regularly used by both women and men.

Wrinkle reducing injections work by temporarily relaxing specific muscles which can be targeted with a very fine needle. These muscles are paralyzed- effectively stopping their movement- avoiding any future creasing in the skin and the development of wrinkles overtime.

The results are very natural and Wrinkle reducing injections have a minimal effect on other parts of the face making it an ideal choice for those who want to keep full expression and movement in the face (such as actors and models).

Wrinkle reducing injections are most commonly used on those ‘dynamic wrinkles’ which can arise as a result of repeated muscle movement. Normally these wrinkles appear on the upper face in areas such as the forehead and eyes where they form as a result of frowning and squinting.

Wrinkle reducing injections are also effective around the mouth where smoking and smiling can create wrinkles and lines over time.

Often people wait until wrinkles have appeared before they choose to treat them, however it is also possible to use wrinkle reducing injections to prevent the development of wrinkles in the first place.

How long does it take?

Treatment is very quick and can be conveniently fitted into your day. From start to finish it should take no more than 20 minutes. Due to this, many of our patients visit us over a lunch hour- and then return to work!

How are Wrinkle Reducing Injections administered?

We will use a very fine needle to inject the Wrinkle reducing injections directly to those areas you wish to target. An anesthetic will be applied prior to the injection to help relieve any pain. You may notice a subtle tingling on application but otherwise the procedure should not cause any discomfort.

In the immediate minutes and hours following you may notice a slight redness or swelling but this will quickly improve. Wrinkle reducing injections are a very safe and quick procedure. There is no recovery time required meaning that you can carry on with your day as normal.

Whilst results in some patients can last for up to 6 month it’s important to note that the effects will wear off over time. Regular treatment is advised to maintain the best effect.

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