Flexite Dentures

Do you have several missing teeth or a number of decayed or loose teeth that need to be replaced? Do you struggle to eat your favourite foods or avoid smiling because your current hard acrylic dentures are uncomfortable or ill-fitting?

If so, the Flexite dentures available at Rejuvadent could offer you a highly suitable solution- helping to restore look and function to your mouth and allowing you to eat, talk and smile easily and with increased confidence.

Flexite offers a truly comfortable, allergy free option- incorporating bio-compatible medical grade plastic they truly are the world’s best flexible partial dentures.

So thin and lightweight you will hardly know your denture is there. Likewise, it will be almost impossible for anyone else to tell you are wearing one.

Despite this flexibility and comfort, the materials used are incredibly strong and durable. They won’t discolour or encourage the growth of bacteria over time.

Following over 50 years of research and development in the US, Flexite dentures are now available worldwide.  This premium quality, innovative product has helped thousands of people in the UK to live life to the full.

The benefits of Flexite dentures:

  • Select from a range of colours to perfectly match your gums
  • Endorsed by the Clifford Institute with a 99% rating for safety and bio-compatibility.
  • Lightweight, thin, flexible and highly comfortable.
  • Feel free to eat and drink the foods you want to- safe in the knowledge your dentures and strong and well-fitted.

What will they look like?

A number of factors will be taken into consideration in the manufacture of your denture to ensure it looks as natural as possible. This will include the height of your existing teeth, their shape, size and colour.

Many patients like to keep their teeth looking as they did before. They may want features such as fillings, discolouration or misalignments included. This is all possible!


What to expect when your dentures are first fitted:

Once they are fitted your Flexite dentures should feel great and you are sure to be very pleased with your new look. You will finally be able to eat the foods you want with confidence and in comfort.

It can sometimes take a while to get used to a set of new dentures. Certainly, you may find it strange when eating. If this is the case, start with softer foods and gradually introduce new items over time.

You may also notice a slight increase in salivary flow due to this new object in your mouth. This will improve after a few days.

If you notice that your speech is affected, then try reading aloud to yourself or practicing those difficult words when you are at home.

If you do notice any sore spots in your mouth then your denture may need adjusting. If so, please contact us at the earliest opportunity.

Maintaining your Flexite Dentures

Your new Flexite dentures are made from very strong and hard-wearing materials which mean they are pretty much unbreakable!

It’s still important to maintain your denture in a number of ways:

  • Remove it at night (unless otherwise directed).
  • Never put your denture in boiling water to clean it.
  • Your Flexite denture is colour stable so won’t fade- but it can be stained by heavy smoking.
  • Brush your gums, tongue and any remaining teeth when you remove your dentures at night.
  • Visit us for a check-up at least once a year. It’s really important to keep a check on the health of your gums and any remaining teeth (as this is after all what keeps your dentures securely in place).

If you do notice any problems get them looked at quickly in order to avoid potential sores and infection.

If your denture starts to feel loose or uncomfortable then call us for a check-up.

If you notice any bleeding in the gums, problems with your remaining teeth or bad breath then ring us straight away.


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